Please note

There will be no terms of residence in 2014. Applications for 2015 can be submitted presumbly 2014. We will update all news to this via our website.

BLUMEN has been supporting residencies for the development of artistic projects and productions since 2006. Residences are awarded once a year in cooperation with an international jury.


Our BLUMEN Residency Program is open to all professional artists who work in the areas of painting, sculpture/installation, photography, film/video and media art or performance and intermedia art. Applicants from all over the world are welcome.
English or German basic knowledge is required.


  • 1. January - April
  • 2. May - August
  • 3. September - December

Please note: From time to time we also offer short-term residencies for a duration of 1 month. If you are also interested to participate in our interim terms, please make a note in your application form. All short-term invitations are based on our current open call.


BLUMEN provides the invited artists:

  • allocation of a studio room and living space for the whole period of stay including rental and fixed running charges with basis for telephone/internet
  • organisation of debut show (Künstlerresidenz BLUMEN) and final presentation (Kunstverein Leipzig) as well as special events (e.g. artist talks, lectures, screenings, music sessions)
  • partial financing of production costs due to our capacities 
  • assistance in acquisition of additional funding for travelling and living expenses and further production costs
  • assistance in producing and presenting new projects as well as in all formal matters during and in preparing the stay according to individual needs

If accepted, the artist gets a housing contract including the housing rules, terms for financial supports and technical instructions. The residence stay is considered as legally effective after the resident has signed the housing contract.
There is obligation for residence. All eligible artists should spend a minimum of 15 hours per week in the studio be engaged in their project. Otherwise they can be asked to leave the program.
Applicants who are not a resident of a EU-member-state have to show proof of a health insurance policy. Additional insurance coverage (health, accident and liability insurance) can be effected depending on agreement with us.


BLUMEN collaborates with an independent international commission which reviews the applications.

Britt Schlehahn - art historican and cultural scientist. Curator for the Kunstverein Leipzig.

Franciska Zólyom – director, curator of The Museum of Contemporary Art, a foundation based in Leipzig. She studied art history in Cologne and Paris and worked following as an curator for the Museum Ludwig Budapest (1997–1999). After a scholaship at Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin she worked as director of the Institute of Contemporary Art – Dunaújváros in Ungarn (2006–2009).

Alun Williams is a British artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He is the director and founder of the gallery Parker's Box, Brooklyn, New York. He is in the board of directors of Triangle Artists' Workshop, New York, is the founder of the Artists in Residence Programme Triangle France in Marseille and La Vigie Art Contemporain in Nîmes, France.

Ulrich Polster is a film artist based in Leipzig and Berlin. He graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts (masterclass: Astrid Klein), Leipzig.

Selections are based upon the artist's work, and potential and ability to make the most of his or her residency. 


Our current deadline for applications for 2014 is probably June 2013. More information will follow. Currently we are reorganizing, so please do not send us your application before May 2013.

Artists working with time based media or ephemeral strategies should send supporting material in a digitalised format (CD-ROM/ DVD) to the following address:

Kolonnadenstr. 20 
04109 Leipzig

Attention: Please take into regard that all postings cannot be sent back.


Successful applicants will be notified as soon as possible.
A legal claim for the award of a residence place does not exist. Therefore, the applicant will be informed about the decision in written form, but without explanation.


Your application should be written in English.

Please send your application only via e-mail. Additional material can be sent via post, but only in a digitalised format.

Please write your Last and First Name on each page and bring all parts of your application together into one document (e.g. pdf file).

All applications should include the following:

1. Visual Material
Please send either images via e-mail or support material via post. Do not send internet links or original artwork.
Up to 10 images - via e-mail

  • File Format: GIF, JPG or TIFF
  • File Size: total size of all files together not more than 3 MB!
  • Image Size: 1000 pixels max.
  • Image Resolution: 72 dpi

video/film in parts or as documentation etc. - via post
Label disc with first and last name. For easier viewing, separate each piece into chapters. Each segment should be no longer than 3 minutes. Include at least one complete version of a piece or documentation. Please send not only stills. Please do not submit video documenting artistic process or still work.

2. Image / Video or Documentation Script
Please number the script so it corresponds with the order of your images or video. Include title, date completed, dimensions, medium, and if necessary, a brief description. 

3. Curriculum Vitae
Please send a short CV including your name, address, phone, email along with your educational and exhibition background.

4. Artist's Statement
Brief text describing your current work and process.

5. Statement of Objectives
Briefly describe the project(s) you want to realise during your stay with
In addition, please include the period of term you prefer (see above).

Attention: Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


If you have any question regarding your application, please contact:

Diana Bärmann

We are looking forward in receiving your application!