June – August 2008

Diego Pérez García (Mexico City)

Diego Pérez GarcíaBorn in 1975 in Mexico City, Diego Pérez García started his career as a photo journalist before he turned to artistic practices. In 2001, he received the Mexican award "Salón de Octubre Omnilife". Today he lives and works in Mexico.

In his recent work he broadens his medial spectrum: In addition to photography, he experiments with sculpture, installation and painting and develops above all interventions in the public sphere.

In his work, García primarily reconstructs myths and legends. As a Mexican, Diego Pérez García derives from a socio-cultural context where myths are valued as a tradition of private and collective events, memories and utopias. He deliberately dedicates himself to his homeland and its history shaped by a long tradition and religion. In this process the reflection of the nation as a historically established whole, which creates a strong contrast between the development of metropolitan and rural regions, plays an important role. García focuses on adjustments, fractures and dissonances between fantasies and status quo. Everyday incidents or real findings form the starting point for this purpose.

Currently, García increasingly includes knowledge of Art History and traditional artistic methods into his reflections. He questions particularly the aesthetic approaches of classic modernism in respect to their present relevance, which simultaneously refer to the original auratic.