September - December 2008


Julia MenschJulia Mensch was born in 1980 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) where she lives and works today. The artist visited the at School of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano and studied at the National University of Arts in Buenos Aires. Recently she received a scholarship for the Villa Sträuli in Winterthur (Switzerland).

In her work Julia Mensch questions the relation of remembrance, history and subjectivity while searching for new references to the past in current memorial structures. Therefore she uses found historical objects and individual documents of everyday life rearranging them in new perspectives and often - especially in combination with portraits - in space installations. Julia Mensch primarily reconstructs the life's journeys of specific persons, hence she attemps to convey new individual biographies transforming the politically engaged values and the social facts of official historiography.

"In contrast to a general history I investigate ordinary people's everyday actions, repeat steps they've taken in the past and visit places they've traveled to before. I am not trying to reproduce the story, but to live it myself and to reinvent and actualize this history in the present time." (J. Mensch)