In close cooperation the artists Esther Mañas and Arash Moori develop light and sound installations that they call "sculpture based sound installations". In these arrangements different articulations of space and site intertwine:
precise graphic forms, often refering to urban landscapes, surround intermedial settings generating unusual sound and light effects out of ordinary technical material. Their installative work is based on media and site-specific conditions in which they intervene, converting them into interactive spaces of experience.

Esther Mañas, born 1974 in Madrid, studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) in Spain. Arash Moori, born 1977 in Birmingham, studied Fine Arts at the Birmingham City University, UK. In 2006 both artists graduated at the Kuvataideakatemia in Helsinki, Finland. Since then Mañas and Moori work together and live in Madrid.

Interview with the artists