Gili Avissar (ISRAEL)

Gili AvissarGili Avissar, born 1980 in Haifa/Israel, studied at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem (1999-2009) and Glasgow School of Art/UK (2003). He received scholarships from the Israel Cultural Foundation (2009), the Kunststiftung NRW within the Dusseldorf Residency Program as well as the Goethe Institute/Artist Studios TLV and the Gabinovich Art Foundation Support, Tel Aviv (2010). Since 2007 his works are internationally presented and were shown in Rome, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Peking, Taipei and Haifa among others.
Today the artist is based in Tel Aviv.
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Selected Works

Horse House Hat, Raum- und Videoinstallation, versch. Materialien, 2008Moon Mask, Skulptur/Zeichnung, versch. Materialien, 2007-2009British Star Found Dead in Paris, Rauminstallation, versch. Materialien, 2009Gizella, Rauminstallation, handgefertigte Puppen, Einkaufswagen aus Metall, Holz, 2003-2010Nazi Wolf, Skulptur und Videoanimation, Stoff, Holz, Farbe, 2010




Continuous Project, parking lot installation, 2008.