Yun-Ju ChenIn 1984, Yun-Ju Chen was born in Taiwan. At Purchase College’s conservatory of dance at the State University of New York, USA, and at the National University of Taipei, Taiwan, she completed her education in dance and choreography. Since, she has been active as dancer, choreographer, performance artist, as well as producer and directress of international productions and festivals. By now, her collaboration with the Bauhaus stage of the Bauhaus Dessau foundation has been existing for several years.

During her month-long stay at the artist residency *blumen*, Yun-Ju Chen will work on her Jam out performance, which she will be developing in collaboration with the Bauhaus Dessau. In it, she attempts to combine the historical, partly abstract dance moves of the Bauhaus with contemporary moves from yoga, tai chi, and gymnastics, as well as with further current exercises for body and self-discovery.

Besides the performance, a video installation will be shown during three days; with a final show and an artist talk Yun-Ju Chen bids farewellwith to our BLUMEN residency programme in Leipzig.