*blumen* sees itself as a space for production of art and is dedicated to advancing the work of emerging and underrepresented visual artists through its artists-in-residence program. Therefore *blumen* provides international artists a studio room and living space in the centre of Leipzig located in a former flower shop, which has been used as an exhibition space before, for a duration of approx. four months. As initiators of the program we aim to activate new discourses and impulses in the art field and the local sphere. According to this our big interest lies on establishing the dialogue and network with the artistic scene and the general public in Leipzig. During each period public events are organised. Each artist's stay starts with an opening exhibition and culminates in a final presentation. Studio visitations and further events (artist's talks, lectures, film screenings, music etc.) are arranged in agreement with the eligible artists.

*blumen* collaborates with an independent international commission in deciding which artist will be invited. The commission consists of the following members: Lukasz Gorczyca and Michal Kaczynski (Warsaw), Alexander Koch (Berlin), Kathleen Liebold (Leipzig), Ulrich Polster (Leipzig), Clemens von Wedemeyer (Leipzig, Berlin) and Alun Williams (Brooklyn, New York).

*blumen* is a non-profit student project and stands in sponsorship with the association *blumen* e.V. founded in Leipzig, which handles all formal and legal matters. Each eligible artist gets a free and temporary membership in this association for the whole period of stay.

The artists-in-residence program is based on the private initiative of Jocelyn Wolff and Christine Rahn who coordinates the program in supporting the artists in Leipzig.

*blumen* provides to eligible artists:

  • allocation of a studio room and living space for the whole period of stay
  • partial financing of arrival and departure travelling expenses due to the capacities of *blumen* e.V.
  • partial financing of production costs due to the capacities of *blumen* e.V.